We are a family owned farm and started raising babydolls in 2000.

The Southdown sheep, the oldest of the Down breeds, originated in the South Down hills of Sussex County England. They were first imported into the United States in the early 1800s. Cross-breeding started to produce larger animals which are today’s domestic Southdowns.

In the 1980s, a search began for these original miniature “babydoll” sheep. A few small flocks were located and accepted into the founding registry. This smaller breed is kept pure by dedicated, experienced breeders. Our sheep are registered with the “Old English Babydoll Registry”

  • Their woolly, smiling face gives them their “teddy bear” appearance.
  • Their height from shoulders to the ground measures less than 24” and their adult weight averages 70-150 pounds.
  • Expected lifespan is approximately 15 years.
  • Neither male nor female have horns
  • They are friendly, docile, not aggressive, and tame easily.
  • They are excellent lawn mowers and love to eat weeds, poison ivy, and other nuisance greenery. They do not girdle trees.
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